National Superhero Day 2018

Everfan believes in the power of recognition and gratitude and we want to use this power to honor some of our country’s finest heroes. For every Hero Recognition Kit that is purchased, Everfan will donate an extra Hero Kit to a deployed military hero overseas. Through a partnership with HERO BOX (nonprofit), Everfan will sponsor a military unit and host a volunteer day at our office where we will make bracelets, write letters, and pack Hero Kits for them.  


HeroBox supports deployed American service members. Their mission is to provide the physical and moral support our heroes need while they are away from home.

Donations for the military boxes are provided by Flowers Foods, Thomasville Dental Center, Grassroots Coffee, Thomasville National Bank, The Bookshelf, You're Maker, CNS, Thomasville Visitor's Center, Jack's BP Service, Southland Construction Contractors, Raley's Confectionary, Reneau Paving, Royal Coffee NY, and Ameris Bank.



From Our Heroes

I ordered a few capes and accessories earlier this summer for children to play with at my library. They are by FAR the most popular item I have ever... more
...our “Super Heros” went out into the crowd of THOUSANDS to encourage them to stop by the Wellspring tent — encouraging them to learn more about... more
Capes were a great hit! Appreciate all the creative work you and your team did to make our capes look fabulous!