National Superhero Day 2018


Robert Emmons, the world’s leading scientific expert on gratitude, studies the benefits of showing gratitude. Being grateful affirms goodness and acknowledges a source of goodness outside of ourselves, recognizing our dependence on others. In studies of people who have made gratitude a part of their daily routines, Emmons has seen the benefits of stronger immune systems, lowered blood pressure, greater optimism and increased connectedness to community.


Everfan is combining the power of recognition and gratitude with the fun and imagination of superheroes by creating Hero Recognition Kits. Anyone who wants to recognize a hero in their life can purchase a kit for $28. You will also get to write a personal letter of gratitude to be included in the kit. This kit will be shipped to a hero of your choice to be opened on National Superhero Day.



For every Hero Recognition Kit purchased, Everfan will donate an additional Hero Kit to a deployed military hero overseas. (In partnership with



From Our Heroes

We used your capes at Natural Products Expo at one of our booths and they were a huge success! We got tons of compliments on them and they looked... more
The capes arrived and were a great success! They really set us apart! We were so pleased with the look of the capes. You did a wonderful job. I told... more
OMG! YOU ARE SOOOOOOO FABULOUS! THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH! My ensemble was absolutely sassy and my students loved it!