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Adult Hooded Cloak Cape
Superhero Eye Mask
Mini Sidekick Superhero Cape
Superhero Capes for Kids and Adults
Kids Superhero Mask
Kids Hooded Cloak Cape
superhero tee shirt
Superhero Powerband Cuffs
Personalize Mini Sidekick Superhero Cape
National Superhero Day Cape
Mini Sidekick Superhero Cape
heart heroes college world series t-shirt
National Superhero Day Cape

From Our Heroes

Capes were a great hit! Appreciate all the creative work you and your team did to make our capes look fabulous!
The capes have been a HUGE hit. We had an employee say she would hit any goal in order to win one of those awesome capes! So I'd say the capes... more
The capes were a huge hit, and I can't thank you enough for your hard work. You were a pleasure to work with.