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superpower candy
Superhero Powerband Cuffs
Adult Superhero Cape
Superhero Capes for Kids and Adults
Mini Sidekick Superhero Cape
Superhero Mask
Custom Personalized Athletic Stretch Headband
Superhero Powerband Cuffs
Personalize Mini Sidekick Superhero Cape
Tutu Patches
Custom Tutu
Superhero Capes for Kids and Adults
Superhero Powerband Cuffs
Kids Hooded Cloak Cape

From Our Heroes

OMG! YOU ARE SOOOOOOO FABULOUS! THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH! My ensemble was absolutely sassy and my students loved it!
I had a cause. I had a plan. Without Everfan, thats all I would have. Thanks to there kindness and generosity, I was able to provide children... more
I ordered a few capes and accessories earlier this summer for children to play with at my library. They are by FAR the most popular item I have ever... more